Clients with specialized requirements, such as refineries, chemical, coal, metal, steel plants and power plants require and receive top notch service. Thermal and chemical cleaning methods play a critical role in our cleaning protocol. We approach our clients’ projects with the goal of improvement, cost production, and using best industry practices in all we do. Whether it’s for advanced cleaning, heavy duty, and restricted industrial environments such as metallurgy manufacturing, and other power generated outlets.

Hydroblasting Services

In an industry filled with empty promises, our Projects Division is a rapid response team that delivers. Able to deploy at a moment’s notice, we use only the most technologically advanced fleet. Some of our services include:

  • ultra-high pressure hydroblasting (up to 40 K PSI)
  • steam/hot wash
  • cold jet
  • dry ice
  • abrasive


Projects Division state-of-the-art mobile industrial vacuuming technology can fit into the most challenging and remote locations. We proudly use Westech™, durable on the road and perfectly suitable for environmental requests. Our services range from wet and dry vacuum, to high CFM, and high volume specialty pumps. Some services include hydro excavation and camera inspection of pipes. We have a wide range of available units, including vacuum tankers, carbon, stainless steel and pneumatic, hydro excavators, jet flushers, end dumps, cube trucks, trailers, roll-off units, and more. Trust TEAM to handle the toughest projects without cutting corners. Experience the best in service, safety training, and industry compliance.


Pressurized water, or daylighting is a cost effective alternative to traditional manual excavation. Our high performing hydrovac trucks work to dig, break up soil, and suck up slurry by forcible vacuum and deposited into our storage tank for safe hauling, then reintroduction into the environment. The pneumatic method is executed by pressurized air, as opposed to pressurized water. Clients find a number of advantages with air lancing because this method removes the need for labour intensive conventional tools, such as shovels, and pickaxes. TEAM Group exposes solid or buried objects such as underground utilities and lines for utility and grounds work.


We service a wide range of scalable industrial environments, from food grade silos to petrochemical cooling towers and wastewater treatment. We do all shapes and sizes–columns, towers, vessels, drums, tanks and spheres–with options for automated high flow and high pressure water equipment to clean tough areas.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Our specialized methods and cleaning technologies allow for cleaning of both horizontal and vertical exchangers. TEAM Group safely removes heavy, built up deposits whether waterborne or process, and restores process equipment back to peak performance. We also provide testing and leak detection. Services include heat exchangers, condensers, coolers, and closed or component water systems.

Decommissioning Services

Whether it’s coal and mining related factories to pulp and paper, the members of our Projects Division are experts in developing innovative methods to help close facilities that are no longer operational. We draw on our vast experience in safety. From encapsulation of entire burning or fuel systems that requires cleaning and removal of units such as ovens, to large quantity pumping and transfer, TEAM Group gets the job done with optional asset recovery. This can also include draining and cleaning of plant process assets such as pipes, pumps, waste disposal, and transportation of universal and nonhazardous waste.

Waste Management

Licensed for waste hauling and removal, waste management is available for you.

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