We service automotive facilities including plants and factories as well as heavy equipment manufacturing. Our service is tailored to your needs, providing complete facility cleaning. TEAM Group offers top tier janitorial and paint facility cleaning as well as full-service paint systems management (total booth management). We solve costly problems with technical cleaning to spray booth performance and monitoring, so you no longer have to deal with defects that result in repetitive maintenance issues and downtime.

Complete Facility Cleaning

At TEAM Group, we are leaders in developing permanent onsite facility cleaning programs. We provide turnkey industrial cleaning services and maintenance support to world class OEM & Tier 1 facilities such as automotive and fascia. Innovative, we will deliver the latest non-core innovations tailor-made to your industry, from sanitation, validation services to production aid tool management. We share the knowledge and resources you need to remain competitive, productive, and profitable.

Total Booth Management

Booth Balance
Total Filtration
Sludge System Management
Chemical Management
Humidification Management
Robot Cover Management

We’re problem solvers, providing real time intelligence about quality detractors impacting the cleanroom. Our clients receive comprehensive monitoring of all zones and high-performance systems. Booth services are diversified, including attention to paint line and coating systems performance, and production support. Client facility tools are meticulously cleaned of excess build up by our experienced professionals. Our services include but aren’t limited to:

  • robotic spray and powder booths
  • grates, ceilings, walls, silhouettes
  • structures, flood sheets, elimination chambers
  • deep cleanings and shutdowns

Paint Defect Analysis Program

The scope, cleaning standard, and frequency of technical cleaning programs is based on the client’s need to eliminate recurring maintenance issues. Our proprietary App and Paint Quality Response (PQR) Program focuses on root cause analysis and generating cost-savings revenue. Some services include:

  • quality gate audits
  • foreign material libraries
  • defect reports

Production Aid Tool Management

Paint fixtures and assembly line equipment are sterilized and returned to production areas or storage facilities using the 5S method.  Routine maintenance of essential components greatly reduces the risk of excess paint accumulation from the surfaces onto the product and surrounding environment.  Services include coatings removal or paint stripping of carriers, skids, jigs, prop tools, fixtures, hangers and hooks.

Chemicals & Equipment Management

Our approach to achieving successful cleaning programs is to develop a flexible solution that bends to the changing demands of a dynamic production environment while adhering to paint shop approved cleaning materials and procedures that safeguard the product. Some services include:

  • production support
  • conformance audits and laboratory testing
  • vendor management
  • people facilities
  • storage facilities

Waste Management

Approved for waste removal and hauling, TEAM Group total booth management offers process engineering support and gap analysis, challenging the belief that industrial cleaning services are essential non-value-added costs. We are uniquely positioned to take industrial cleaning at your facility to an essential value-added service. Services include:

  • chemical and sludge
  • e-coat pump wells
  • eductors, risers, and nozzles
  • flood sheets, support steel, and elimination chambers
  • manifests

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